Comprehensive Guide on Obtaining Rope and the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest (2023)

In the unforgiving terrain of Sons of the Forest, securing an ample supply of rope is paramount for survival. Whether you're crafting essential tools like rope bridges, ladders, or the formidable Crafted Bow, knowing where to find rope can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the most reliable locations to procure both standard rope and the coveted zipline rope, essential for the Rope Gun.

How to Get Rope in Sons of the Forest

1. Caves, Cannibal Camps, Abandoned Campsites, and Bunkers

The key to consistent rope acquisition lies in locations where human activity is evident. Caves, cannibal camps, and abandoned campsites stand out as prime spots. Beware, as cannibal camps and most abandoned campsites may not appear on your GPS Locator map, making keen listening for ambient music crucial when seeking abandoned camps. Additionally, exploring bunkers in strategic locations can yield a steady supply.

2. Random Containers

A strategic approach to container exploration significantly increases your chances of securing rope. Opening containers near camps or caves enhances the likelihood of finding this invaluable resource. Even if rope isn't an immediate necessity, it's advisable to scour every container encountered, ensuring a stockpile for future needs.

3. Abandoned Boats

For those near the coastline, abandoned boats can be a hidden treasure trove. While not guaranteed loot, a quick examination of debris in and around these boats might yield the much-needed rope. Exercise caution, especially when swimming, as lurking sharks pose a threat even in Peaceful Mode.

How to Get Zipline Rope in Sons of the Forest

Distinguished from ordinary rope, zipline rope serves a specialized purpose in crafting ziplines for the Rope Gun. While zipline rope can be found in similar locations as standard rope, crafting it is an option. To craft zipline rope, gather Grappling Hooks and rope, and utilize a 3D Printer. Locate a 3D Printer, typically found in bunkers such as the one on the west side, northwest of the lake with five rivers.

Can You Make Rope in Sons of the Forest?

As of the latest update, rope crafting is not a feature in Sons of the Forest. In contrast to its predecessor, The Forest, where rope crafting was introduced through a patch, Sons of the Forest currently relies on specific locations for rope acquisition. While future updates may bring crafting capabilities, current gameplay necessitates obtaining rope from the locations detailed earlier.

Zipline Rope Gun Location in Sons of the Forest

Discovering the Rope Gun unlocks new dimensions in island exploration. Located at the treacherous end of a cave on the western side, just south of the lake with five rivers, acquiring the Rope Gun is not for the faint-hearted. Armed with weapons or explosives, navigate through the cave's challenges, ensuring a saved game before venturing in. Progress through the cave, overcoming obstacles until you reach a narrow tunnel. Follow the left path to unveil the coveted Rope Gun in a black box, opening the door to swift traversal and exploration.

Armed with this comprehensive guide, master the art of acquiring rope and utilizing the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest. Navigate the island's challenges with ease, establishing your dominance in the pursuit of survival.

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