Exploring Sons of the Forest: A Comprehensive Review (2023)


In the realm of survival crafting games, Sons of the Forest emerges as a formidable sequel that builds upon the success of its predecessor, The Forest. Released in Early Access, this game takes players on a gripping journey of survival and exploration on a lush, temperate island, offering an experience that surpasses many of its counterparts.

A Visual Masterpiece

Sons of the Forest immediately captivates with its expansive and visually stunning environment, reminiscent of the American Pacific Northwest. The map, four times larger than the original game, showcases meticulous attention to detail. The abundance of vegetation not only adds richness to the landscape but also serves as a vital resource for sustenance and crafting. The dynamic lighting, influenced by realistic weather conditions, significantly enhances the immersive exploration, setting it apart from other titles in the genre.

Performance Considerations

While the game's optimization is noteworthy, occasional performance dips and pop-in issues remind players of its Early Access status. Despite running smoothly on high-end hardware, some users may encounter minor disruptions during extended land travel. However, these issues are common in games under development, and optimizations are expected as the Early Access phase progresses.

Seasons and Environmental Challenges

Sons of the Forest introduces a full system of seasons, adding a layer of complexity to survival. The snowy winters, in particular, demand players to monitor their body temperature and adapt their strategies accordingly. While the weather effects contribute to the believability of the environment, some players may find the life-threatening challenges posed by extreme conditions less pronounced than anticipated.

Cannibal AI Evolution

The cannibal AI in Sons of the Forest represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor. These bone-clad adversaries prioritize self-preservation over mindless aggression, creating tense stand-offs that redefine traditional enemy encounters in video games. The advanced stealth, social dynamics, and varied group behavior of the cannibals contribute to a truly unpredictable and terrifying experience. The game's ability to consistently surprise players with new interactions showcases the thoughtfulness put into the AI development.

Mutants and Combat Dynamics

The introduction of hulking mutants amplifies the game's combat focus, presenting players with formidable challenges. Combat becomes a resource management puzzle, reminiscent of iconic titles like Resident Evil and The Last of Us. The precision and responsiveness of the combat mechanics elevate the tension, ensuring that every encounter is a strategic decision between risking ammunition and sustaining damage.

Unpredictable Narrative Twists

Sons of the Forest weaves a narrative that expands on the supernatural elements introduced in The Forest. The story, revolving around the search for a missing billionaire and his family, takes unexpected turns that keep players on the edge of their seats. While the ending currently exhibits some rough edges typical of an Early Access game, the overall narrative proves to be both mind-blowing and engaging.

Innovative Base Building

The game introduces a modular building system that allows players to construct their dream cannibal-proof fortress. This innovative feature, coupled with a vast array of building elements, provides extensive creative freedom. Spending hours on base building becomes a rewarding and enjoyable aspect of the game, offering an engaging alternative to the main storyline.

Multiplayer Experience

Sons of the Forest supports multiplayer seamlessly, with a stable connection and minimal server issues reported. The cooperative gameplay enhances the overall experience, especially when engaging in challenging encounters or constructing elaborate bases with a full eight-person crew.


In its Early Access phase, Sons of the Forest stands as a strong survival crafter sequel that surpasses its predecessor in various aspects. The vast and visually captivating island, coupled with improved AI and combat mechanics, creates an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. With ongoing performance optimization and refinement of its ending, Sons of the Forest has the potential to evolve into an extraordinary gaming masterpiece.


For enthusiasts of survival crafting games, Sons of the Forest is a compelling choice that delivers on its promises. The game's captivating world, intelligent AI, and engaging gameplay make it a standout title in the genre. As it continues to evolve through Early Access, Sons of the Forest is poised to secure its place among the best in the gaming landscape.

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