Exploring Sons of the Forest Endings: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)


Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated sequel to The Forest, has captivated gamers with its intense survival gameplay and intriguing storyline. In this article, we delve deep into the game's endings, shedding light on the mysteries surrounding the Golden Cube and the fate of its characters.

The Golden Cube and Common Beginning

All Sons of the Forest endings share a common beginning—the discovery of the Golden Cube. As the protagonist finds the Cube, a sequence unfolds, revealing the presence of Timmy, Kelvin, and Virginia. The Cube becomes the focal point, offering a glimpse into a future that defies the mutated horrors of the island.

Timmy's Agony and Cityscape Revelation

As the Cube's timer ticks down, Timmy experiences intense pain, his body splitting into four. Simultaneously, a breathtaking cityscape unfolds beyond the Cube, suggesting a leap into the distant future. The interpretation arises that the Cube acts as a time capsule, preserving humanity against the mutations plaguing the island.

The Door Closes and Island Returns

After a momentary escape into the futuristic city, the door closes, and players are brought back to the island. Timmy, Kelvin, and the protagonist revert to their human forms, while Virginia remains in her mutated state. The antagonist is transformed into a grotesque form, hinting at the Cube's power to counteract mutations.

Endings Explored

1. Good Ending: Helicopter Escape

The Good Ending involves leaving the island on a helicopter, distancing oneself from the horrors. This choice leads to a cinematic departure, leaving Kelvin and Virginia behind. The credits roll, marking a departure from the typical open-world survival scenario.

2. Bad Ending: Island Confrontation

Opting to stay on the island and continue the mission against the demons results in the Bad Ending. The game seamlessly continues as a post-game scenario, with the protagonist resuming the hunt for demons alongside companions.

3. Bonus Ending: Virginia's Presence

The Bonus Ending is unique when Virginia accompanies the protagonist. Despite the similarities to other endings, Virginia's mutation remains intact, posing intriguing questions about the Cube's impact on her. The preservation of her humanity adds a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Interpreting the Endings

The Puffton Family's Quest

A theory suggests that the Puffton family, seeking a cure for Virginia, acquired the island. The Golden Cube, tied to the island's unique properties, became the focus of their search. The cube, operating in 8-month cycles, preserves human life, offering a glimpse into an advanced, futuristic dimension.

The Effects of the Golden Cube

The Cube's effects on Timmy and Virginia unveil its ability to preserve biological states, pausing mutations. The Cannibals' immunity suggests the Cube's influence is localized, affecting only those underground. This theory gains support from Eric's non-transformation in the final cutscene.

Virginia's Mutations and Cube's Role

Virginia's mutations are attributed to the Cube's effects during the construction of underground bunkers. Her intact mind and fused physical traits suggest a fusion of multiple versions of herself, possibly influenced by the Cube's time-altering properties.

Other Theories

Several intriguing theories surround the antagonist's origin and Timmy's purpose on the island. Speculations range from interdimensional currency quests to the Cube's potential as a healing artifact. Unraveling these mysteries adds depth to the Sons of the Forest narrative.


In conclusion, Sons of the Forest offers players a complex narrative woven with mysteries, time capsules, and mutated horrors. Exploring the various endings and theories enhances the gaming experience, providing a deeper understanding of the Puffton family's quest and the enigmatic Golden Cube. As players navigate the island's dangers, the significance of choices and their impact on the unfolding story becomes apparent. Dive into the rich lore of Sons of the Forest and choose your path wisely.

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