Finally Escaping the Cannibal-Filled Island: Ultimate Ending Guide for Sons of the Forest (2023)

In the quest to conquer the challenging narrative of Sons of the Forest, our comprehensive guide will illuminate the path to successfully navigate the final bunker location, escape the perilous island, and unlock all three distinct endings. Buckle up for an insightful journey through the prerequisites, the intricate process of escaping the island, and a detailed explanation of each ending variation.

Prerequisites for Escaping the Island

Before embarking on the thrilling escape, ensure you've secured the essential items and equipment. Acquire the Rebreather, Rope, Gun, Shovel, Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, Guest Keycard, and the indispensable Golden Armor. Our guide provides detailed instructions on finding each requirement.

How to Escape the Island

Once equipped with all prerequisites, head to the eastmost green circle marker on your map, near the beach. Create a new save slot before entering the final bunker, as the chosen ending may restrict your return to the island. Navigate through the bunker with a powerful weapon and Flashlight, tackling challenges and looting supplies on your way.

Explore the lobby, discover the Rescued! Book, and gear up in the large hotel suite, making crucial decisions along the way. Equipped with the Golden Armor, open the large golden door to unveil a daunting cave system inhabited by mutants. Our guide ensures you seamlessly navigate this linear cave, minimizing encounters with mutants.

Ending Explained

Upon reaching the end of the cave, encounter Timmy, the rescued young boy from the original game, within a large golden cube. Witness a captivating sequence involving a countdown timer, hallucinations, and a glimpse into a futuristic city. Interpret the significance of Timmy's actions and the mysterious mutant's appearance as the story unfolds.

As the cube door opens, embark on the journey's concluding phase. Depending on your choices, witness variations in the ending – from boarding a helicopter with companions to opting for a solo continuation on the remote island. Dive deep into the intricacies of each ending, unveiling the mysteries that surround Timmy's knowledge and the power of the cube.

Unlock All Alternate Endings

Explore the diverse outcomes and achievements associated with each ending. Whether it's the "Keep Your Friends Close" achievement for the best ending, the "Fought Demons" achievement for a positive outcome, or the "Fight Demons" achievement for a more challenging path, our guide ensures you understand the conditions and choices leading to each conclusion.

For a more immersive Sons of the Forest experience, discover additional guides covering weapons, attachments, armor, clothing, base-building, and a plethora of tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay.

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