Fixing Spotify Issues on Windows 10: Comprehensive Solutions (2023)

Relaunch Spotify

If Spotify fails to launch correctly, simply closing the app and reopening it might resolve the issue. Click on the red 'x' on the window's right side, allow it to shut down completely, then relaunch it after a brief pause.

Reboot Your PC

A universal solution for many Windows 10 issues is to reboot the system. Click on the Windows icon and select "Restart." This action often resolves errors without complex troubleshooting.

Task Manager Solution

Sometimes, Spotify processes continue running even after closing the app, confusing Windows into thinking it's still active. Use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager, locate Spotify under the Processes tab, right-click, and select "End task." Relaunch Spotify to check for resolution.

Adjust Hardware Acceleration

Disabling Hardware Acceleration in Spotify's settings has proven effective for many users. Access it by pressing the Alt key, selecting View under the File menu, unchecking Hardware Acceleration, then closing and reopening Spotify.

Complete Reinstallation

If issues persist, reinstalling Spotify might solve the problem. Uninstall the app via the Control Panel, then manually delete the Spotify folder in 'C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\' to remove any residual files. Download and install Spotify using the recommended 'full installer package.'

Update Audio Drivers

Outdated or missing audio drivers could be causing Spotify malfunctions. Use Driver Easy to scan and update drivers. The free version allows single driver downloads, simplifying the process.

Compatibility & Admin Mode

For users on older Windows OS versions, adjust Spotify's properties to run in compatibility mode. Right-click Spotify.exe, select Properties, go to Compatibility, choose the OS version, and enable "Run as administrator." Relaunch Spotify to verify improvements.


Spotify enhances music discovery but encountering issues on Windows 10 can disrupt the experience. These step-by-step solutions aim to address common problems, ensuring seamless functionality. Exploring alternatives like the web version can serve as a temporary workaround if these fixes fall short.

For more troubleshooting tips or solutions for Spotify errors on other platforms, stay tuned for our upcoming guide on resolving Spotify issues on Android lock screens.

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