Meet Trae Young's Parents Candice Young and Rayford Young (2024)

Trae Young’s parents are Candice Dawn (mother) and Rayford Young (father). His father is a former professional basketball player and businessman, while his mother is a former college basketball player who did not go professional.

Trae Young, an American professional basketball player who plays for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association (NBA), apparently got his athletic talents from his parents, considering their penchant for the game.

Who is Trae Young’s Dad, Rayford Young?

Trae Young’s father, Rayford Young, is a multifaceted individual with a distinguished professional basketball and business background. He was born on November 5, 1977, and is now 46 years old. He is an African-American by ethnicity. He was born in Pampa, a city in Gray County, Texas, United States, where he grew up with his family. Not much is known about who his parents or other family members are.

Rayford has a brother who played in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. However, little is known about him.

Rayford is a well-educated and learned man. He attended high school in his hometown of Pampa, Texas. After he graduated high school, he embarked on his college academic journey at Texas Tech University, a public research university in Lubbock, Texas, where he majored in Business Finance from 1996 to 2000.

His commitment to education would later lead him to Southern Nazarene University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management.

Happy Fathers Day Dad❤️ Wouldn’t be where I’m at without you🙏🏽

— Trae Young (@TheTraeYoung) June 16, 2019

Rayford Played Basketball Professionally

Just like his son, Rayford Young used to play basketball professionally and was quite good at the game, His prowess in basketball became evident during his time at Texas Tech, showcasing his skills on the court. He was one of the popular names on the Texas Tech basketball team.

After college, Rayford ventured into the NBA, briefly playing with the Houston Rockets before redirecting his professional basketball career to Europe. Across the Atlantic, Rayford donned the jerseys of various teams, including a stint with FC Porto in Portugal. He also had stints in France, Italy, and Spain.

Eventually, Rayford Young transitioned from active play to a coaching role, assuming an assistant coaching position in Oklahoma. At the same time, he became involved in the medical equipment business and worked with different medical companies.

Rayford Is Now A Businessman

Beyond his contributions to the world of sports, Rayford Young has also made a mark in the business realm. As highlighted in his LinkedIn profile, he currently holds the CEO position at Young Family Enterprises, which he established in 2018.

Prior to this role, Rayford served as a Medical Device Sales Representative at Teleflex Incorporated, an American provider of specialty medical devices. He worked at Teleflex Incorporated from March 2009 to February 2013. He also worked as a Clinical Sales Specialist at Spectranetics, a leading health technology company in Oklahoma City, from February 2013 to September 2014.

After this, Rayford Young served as a territory manager at TriVascular, Inc., a medical device company, from September 2014 to April 2018. Apparently, Rayford Young’s journey has been that of versatility, blending athletic achievements with a thriving career in the business sector.

Who is Trae Young’s Mom, Candice Young?

Trae Young’s mother, Candice Dawn Young, also has huge athletic prowess, just like her husband and famous son. She was born on January 11, 1979, and is now 44 years old and is a Capricorn. Candice was born in Lubbock in the U.S. state of Texas, where she also grew up. She is of white ethnicity.

Candice was born to a father called Paul Lee and a mother called Vicki Nachttigal. Growing up amidst a close-knit family, she shared her formative years with three siblings — two sisters named Chandra and Charity and a brother named Joshua. She is still very close to her siblings today.

Candice grew up in a very religious home. Her father, Paul, is a pastor, so she grew up being taught to be a loyal Christian and attend church regularly.

Her educational journey commenced at Pampa High School, where she completed her secondary education before transitioning to the esteemed Texas Tech University. However, what she studied there is not very clear.

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Candace Also Played College Basketball

Like her husband and son, Candice Young also played basketball in college. While at Texas Tech, she not only pursued her academic endeavors but also showcased her athletic talents on the college basketball team. Her skills on the court garnered significant attention, marking her as one of the standout players during her college days.

However, despite her prowess in college basketball, Candice opted not to pursue a professional career in the sport after completing her college academic journey. Instead, available records indicate that she ventured into the professional realm, holding a managerial position at Chili’s Grill & Bar.

At the moment, it is unknown if she still serves in this position or if she has transitioned to doing something else. Apart from her professional endeavors, Candice was very involved in raising her children and put in a lot of time and effort to make sure they were properly raised.

How Trae Young’s Parents Met And Got Married

Trae Young’s parents, Candice and Rayford, have been married for a long time, and even before getting married, they were together for several years, as they are high school sweethearts who met and fell in love while attending Pampa High School in Texas.

Interestingly, after their high school days, both Candice and Rayford found themselves attending the same college, Texas Tech University. They continued their romance in college, mainly because their shared love for basketball forged an even bigger connection between them. They were both playing college basketball at the time – Candice was on the female college team and Rayford played for the men’s team.

The court became the battleground for their athletic pursuits and the common ground that kindled the flames of their budding romance.

Their relationship blossomed throughout their college years, a period marked by shared dreams, aspirations, and the unmistakable excitement of young love.

Also, during this time, their families became aware of their romance and, as a testament to the strength of their bond, offered their unwavering support to them. In fact, sometimes, Rayford and Candice would even spend holidays at her parents’ home. It was clear to everyone that the young couple was head over heels in love.

However, as their college journey unfolded, their romance took an unexpected turn after Candice got pregnant with their baby while still in school. This unexpected twist caused some problems as Candice had to combine her pregnancy with her studies. However, with the support of their families, Candice welcomed their baby, Trae, in 1998. Candice was in her sophom*ore year at the time, so it was not easy for her.

However, after welcoming Trae Young into the world, the couple made a joint commitment to each other to raise their son in the best way possible. Their romance took on a new dimension as they embraced the responsibilities of parenthood while navigating the challenges of academics and basketball.

After graduating from college, Rayford embarked on a professional basketball career that took him overseas as he traveled to different countries to ply his trade. This meant that he was away from home most of the time.

However, despite the physical distance, the bond between him and his wife and their son remained strong because he often came home to see them. Because Rayford was away a lot of the time, the young Trae spent a part of his formative years being raised by his mother and paternal grandparents in Pampa, Texas.

Trae Young’s Parents Have Been Married For 23 Years

In 2000, about two years after their son was born, Trae Young’s parents, Candice and Rayford, decided to settle down and formalize their commitment to marriage, recognizing the enduring strength of their relationship. Eventually, the wedding was held on August 2, 2000, and was attended by all of their family members.

Rayford continued to play basketball for a while following their wedding before retiring and going into business. Over two decades later, their marriage still stands. The couple has been married for 23 years and is still going very strong. They have teamed up to raise their kids in the best possible way.

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Candice Dawn and Rayford Young Have Four Children, Including Trae

Trae Young’s parents have four children together. Trae is their first child, followed by two daughters, Caitlyn Young and Camryn Young, and their last child, a son called Timothy Young. Essentially, the family is made up of two sons and two daughters.

The couple’s first son, Trae Young, was born on September 19, 1998, and is now 25 years old. Trae Young has since established himself as a highly regarded American professional basketball player, currently playing for the Atlanta Hawks in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Prior to his professional career, Young made a name for himself in the college basketball scene, representing the Oklahoma Sooners. In 2017, Trae Young etched his name in the record books by tying the then-existing record for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I single-game assists with an impressive tally of 22. Young’s college basketball journey reached unprecedented heights as he became the first and only player to lead the NCAA in both points and assists during a single season.

His dynamic style of play, coupled with his scoring and facilitating prowess, earned him the nickname “Ice Trae,” a moniker that resonated with his cool composure on the court. In the 2018 NBA draft, Trae Young was selected by the Dallas Mavericks as the fifth overall pick. However, in a significant trade, he was later dealt to the Atlanta Hawks.

But Trae Young is not the only offspring of Candice and Rayford, who is into sports. His younger sister, Caitlyn, is also an athlete; she plays volleyball in college. There are conflicting reports about Caitlyn’s age, but it is believed she was born in 2000 and is now 23 years old.

Trae Young’s sister, Caitlyn Young, emerged as a standout high school volleyball player during her time at Norman North High School. Her exceptional skills on the court were pivotal in leading her team to consecutive state championships, a testament to her prowess and leadership abilities.

Following her successful high school career, Caitlyn continued her volleyball journey into college in Oklahoma. While her achievements on the court during high school were well-documented, details about her college education and the specific university she attended remain relatively unknown. Caitlyn now plays volleyball for the Oklahoma Charge Volleyball Club, a Volleyball club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Not much is known about Trae’s other siblings, Camryn and Timothy. Camryn was born on September 11, 2002, and is now 23 years old. However, Timothy’s exact age is not certain. The Young siblings are very close. In fact, Trae and Camryn aresaid to be inseparableand go everywhere together; Timothy and Cautlun are also very close to Trae, and they are often spotted together, having awesome moments as a family.

Trae Young’s Parents Have Been His Biggest Fans

Trae Young shares a heartwarming connection with both of his parents, which has been very evident over the years as they always showed up for him. His father was very instrumental in helping him find a love for basketball.

As a child, he always took Trae to basketball games and coached him on how to play the game. Today, the bond between father and son is unbreakable. On Father’s Day in 2021, Trae and his father caught attention with their affection for each other.

That day, Trae’s father had attended the game his son was playing, which would determine the Atlanta Hawks’ fate against the Philadelphia 76ers in the quest for a coveted spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. After the game, as Trae was on the verge of leaving the court, he abruptly paused, retracing his steps, and went straight to where his father was sitting.

While everyone was watching, Rayford and Trae hugged each other passionately, and Trae then presented his father with a heartfelt Father’s Day gift for 2021.

The unwavering support Trae enjoys is not limited to his father. His mother, too, has been a steadfast pillar in his life, consistently offering encouragement. Trae often expresses his deep affection for his mother, who is a familiar face at his games. She is also known to show up for his pre-game warmups.

Sometimes, after these warmup sessions, Trae would be seen seeking out his mother in the stands to share a genuine and affectionate hug with her.

The Young family consistently demonstrates their unwavering support for the basketball star, turning up at games to provide the encouragement he thrives on.

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What is Trae Young’s Ethnicity

Trae Young’s ethnicity is African American, born and raised in the United States. His parents, who were both born in Texas, are also Americans. However, despite their American roots, Trae Young’s ethnicity is a blend of diverse backgrounds.

His mother, Candice Young, is of Caucasian descent, while his father, Rayford Young, identifies with African-American ethnicity. Thus, Trae Young proudly represents a convergence of two distinct races.

It's fascinating how Trae Young's athleticism seems to have roots deeply embedded in his family history. From Rayford Young's professional basketball career to Candice Young's college basketball experience, their shared passion for the game evidently influenced Trae's trajectory in the sport.

Rayford Young's journey showcases a multifaceted individual who transitioned from a successful college basketball career at Texas Tech University to playing professionally in the NBA and Europe. His pivot to coaching and involvement in the medical equipment business indicates a diverse skill set beyond athletics.

Candice Dawn Young, similarly skilled in basketball during her college days, chose a managerial position at Chili's Grill & Bar instead of pursuing a professional sports career. Her commitment to raising her children while maintaining professional endeavors highlights her dedication.

The couple's love story is quite touching—high school sweethearts who continued their romance through college, united by their shared love for basketball. Their enduring marriage, lasting 23 years, reflects their commitment to each other and their children.

Trae Young's siblings, Caitlyn and Camryn, also exhibit athletic talents. Caitlyn excelled in volleyball, leading her high school team to consecutive state championships and continuing her journey in college. Camryn and Timothy, though less in the spotlight, share a close bond with Trae.

The unwavering support Trae receives from his parents is heartwarming. Both Rayford and Candice are frequently present at his games, offering encouragement and affection. Their involvement in Trae's life and career signifies a strong family bond.

Regarding Trae's ethnicity, he proudly represents a blend of African American heritage from his father and Caucasian descent from his mother, portraying a convergence of diverse racial backgrounds within one individual.

The intertwining of sports, family, and personal growth within the Young family has evidently played a significant role in shaping Trae Young into the talented and dynamic basketball player he is today.

Meet Trae Young's Parents Candice Young and Rayford Young (2024)
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