Ultimate Sons of the Forest Building Guide: Mastering Construction for Survival (2023)

In the perilous world of Sons of the Forest, the key to survival lies in your ability to harness the full potential of your surroundings. While a quick tent can offer temporary respite, true resilience against the elements and adversaries demands the construction of your own camps. In this comprehensive Sons of the Forest Building Guide, we delve deep into the intricacies of the two building systems, offering invaluable insights to ensure your mastery of the art of construction.

Blueprint Building System: Crafting with Precision

Sons of the Forest employs a blueprint building system reminiscent of its predecessor, The Forest. Accessible through the inventory or the B key, the guidebook allows you to place construction blueprints. Switching to blueprint mode with X, you navigate through categories with right tabs or scroll pages at the bottom. Once a blueprint is selected, use Q and R to rotate, cancel with the right mouse button, and place with the left click.

Logs are a fundamental resource, and while blueprints may indicate the need for cut logs, delivering full logs suffices. Kelvin, your NPC companion, becomes a valuable asset, bringing specified materials when directed. Additionally, he can assist in creating smaller buildings or completing unfinished blueprints, enhancing your efficiency.

Freeform Building: Unleashing Creativity

In contrast, Sons of the Forest introduces a freeform building style, allowing construction without set blueprints. By placing items from your hands strategically, you can build structures such as flooring. For instance, placing logs vertically or breaking sticks into the ground adds a layer of flexibility to your creations.

Axes play a crucial role in processing logs. Equip an axe, approach a log, and a red dashed line signals the correct position for cutting. Logs can be cut into boards or various pieces, offering versatility in construction. The guidebook provides building examples, serving as a foundation for your designs, which can be modified or expanded manually.

Building Modification: Enhancing Your Structures

Efficiency in Sons of the Forest lies in the strategic combination of blueprint and freeform building. Swiftly constructing with blueprints provides a base that can later be enhanced or modified manually. This approach ensures a balance between quick establishment and the flexibility to adapt structures to evolving needs.

Repairing Structures: Sustaining Your Haven

In the face of adversaries, your structures will inevitably suffer damage. Crafting a Repair Tool, achieved by combining a rock, stick, and rope, becomes imperative for maintaining the integrity of your haven. Simply equip the Repair Tool and left-click near damaged areas, swiftly restoring functionality. Alternatively, in the options menu, Structure Damage can be disabled to prevent wear and tear.

Fortification Strategies: Securing Your Sanctuary

With the latest update, Sons of the Forest introduces the ability to lock doors, adding an extra layer of security. To lock a door, grab a stick and place it on one side, toggling between locked and unlocked states with E. For sturdier defenses, gates can be constructed using logs, offering manual control for opening and closing.

Building Recipe List: Crafting Your Oasis

Embrace the diversity of building options in Sons of the Forest by referring to our comprehensive recipe list. Whether it's a Hunting Shelter, Small Log Cabin, or a strategically placed Rock Path, each structure serves a unique purpose in fortifying your survival haven.

  • Hunting Shelter: 5 Logs, 6 Sticks, 7 Rocks
  • Small Log Cabin: 75 Logs
  • Lean-to: 53 Logs
  • Lookout Tower: 60 Logs, 1 Rope
  • Tree Platform 1: 7 Logs, 1 Rope
  • Tree Platform 2: 35 Logs, 1 Rope
  • Tree Shelter 1: 70 Logs, 1 Rope
  • Tree Shelter 2: 96 Logs


In conclusion, mastering the art of building in Sons of the Forest is the key to survival. The synergy of blueprint and freeform construction, coupled with strategic fortification and repairs, will elevate your gameplay. Refer to our in-depth guide for a comprehensive understanding of building mechanics, ensuring your dominance in the unforgiving wilderness. Craft, fortify, and thrive in Sons of the Forest like never before.

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