Unlocking the Secrets of Sons of the Forest: A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving the Endings (2023)


Embarking on the journey to unravel the mysteries of Sons of the Forest? Look no further. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential items, strategic locations, and pivotal decisions that lead to the culmination of this thrilling storyline.

Obtaining the Necessary Items

To progress towards the end of Sons of the Forest, securing specific items in the correct sequence is imperative. Follow this order meticulously:

  1. Diving into the Depths: Acquire the diving gear.
  2. Crossing Paths: Obtain the cross.
  3. Amping Up Vertical Mobility: Equip the rope gun.
  4. Digging Deeper: Unearth the shovel.
  5. Security Access: Secure the maintenance keycard.
  6. Golden Armor: Retrieve the coveted gold armor.

The sequence is critical, as some items serve as prerequisites for others. For example, the shovel requires both the diving gear and the rope gun. The shovel, in turn, is indispensable for locating the maintenance keycard in one of the Sons of the Forest bunkers.

Opening the Luxury Bunker for the Finale

The climax unfolds within a luxurious bunker situated in the easternmost part of the map. Access to this bunker is contingent upon prior preparation. Before Patch 02, a keycard was essential for entry. However, as of Patch 02 (March 24, 2023), the Luxusbunker can be opened at a computer in the residential bunker, where the iconic Katana can also be found. Refer to the Sons of the Forest Luxusbunker öffnen guide for a detailed walkthrough.

Navigating the Bunker for the Grand Finale

Armed with the gold armor and having unlocked the luxury bunker, head to the easternmost bunker on the map. Traverse the corridors, descend stairs, pass through yellow doors, and navigate through eerie chambers until you reach a golden door amidst the remnants of a destroyed bathroom.

Confronting the Golden Cube

Within the cavernous system, stick to the lava-lined path, navigating tight tunnels until you stand before the Golden Cube. A man holding a laptop stands nearby, likely Timmy from a previous cutscene. As you and Timmy enter the cube, a 15-second countdown ensues, revealing a futuristic city in another dimension upon completion.

Deciding the Fate

Following the countdown, the cube seals and reopens to unveil a colossal, writhing mutant. Upon regaining control, find yourself next to a helicopter on the beach. The narrative branches based on your decision:

  • Leave the Island: Board the helicopter for the "Fought Demons" achievement.
  • Stay on the Island: Retrieve your backpack; the helicopter departs, leaving you behind, earning the "Fight Demons" achievement.

Unveiling the Secret Ending

For a unique conclusion, ensure Kelvin's survival and secure Virginia as a companion. In this secret ending, both Kelvin and Virginia enter the Golden Cube together. While the subsequent scenes align with the standard ending, Virginia's reaction differs, leading to a distinct experience.

The Enigma of Sons of the Forest's Conclusion

The Golden Cube serves as a portal to alternate dimensions, activating every eight cycles and transforming those outside into mutants. The concluding sequence provides a brief glimpse into another dimension, leaving players pondering the significance of the futuristic city. Could it be a hint at a future installment from Endnight Games? Only time will tell.

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