Unraveling the Mysteries: Sons of the Forest Endings Explained (2023)


Embarking on the treacherous journey through Endnight Games' survival masterpiece, Sons of the Forest, players are met with a gripping narrative and multiple endings that determine the fate of both their character and the NPCs on the enigmatic island. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the intricacies of all three endings, shedding light on the cryptic narrative that leaves players with more questions than answers.

How to Unlock the Sons of the Forest Endings

To navigate swiftly to the game's conclusion, players must arm themselves with essential items discovered in the island's cave systems and bunkers. The journey demands strategic acquisition of items like the Shovel, Rebreather, Rope Gun, Maintenance and VIP keycards, Golden Armor set, and the Cross, each contributing to unraveling the mysteries that lead to the game's climactic moments.

Detailed guides on finding each item, facilitated by the GPS tracker obtained from the Emergency Pack, empower players to traverse the island's challenging terrain efficiently. The Golden Armor, a pivotal element, opens the path to the bunker along the eastern coast, guiding players through a sequence of challenges culminating in the encounter with the Golden Hand Seal Door.

The Sons of the Forest Ending Unveiled

The game's ending, shrouded in ambiguity, offers limited insights into the island's events. By delving into the collected documents and books, players may uncover fragments of the narrative. A particular book hints at the prevalence of alternate dimensions, sparking theories surrounding the significance of the golden cube encountered in the closing scenes.

Early in the game, subtle references suggest a possible connection with Eric and Tim LeBlanc from The Forest, hinting at a continuation of their research on alternate dimensions. While the current Early Access stage leaves certain questions unanswered, the potential for additional dialogue and lore in future updates offers hope for a more comprehensive understanding of the Sons of the Forest storyline.

All Three Sons of the Forest Endings Explained

Sons of the Forest boasts three distinct endings, each influenced by the player's choices throughout the game. The best ending, marked by befriending Virginia and treating Kelvin well, results in both NPCs joining the player at the golden cube and boarding the helicopter, unlocking the coveted "Keep Your Friends Close" Achievement.

The good or standard ending sees Kelvin accompanying the player to the golden cube, culminating in a joint departure to the beach and helicopter boarding, earning players the "Fought Demons" Achievement. The final ending, considered less favorable, involves reaching the golden cube alone and opting to stay on the island as the helicopter departs, granting the "Fight Demons" Achievement and allowing players to continue their survival journey.


In conclusion, Sons of the Forest presents players with a captivating narrative woven with suspense and mystery. While the endings provide varying degrees of resolution, the true essence of the island's enigma remains veiled. As the game evolves through Early Access, the promise of additional content holds the key to unraveling the remaining secrets, ensuring an immersive experience for players seeking to conquer the mysteries of the Sons of the Forest. For a visual walkthrough and further details, consider watching the video by Jade PG on their YouTube channel.

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