Unveiling the Secrets of Sons of the Forest Endings: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)


Embark on an immersive journey through Sons of the Forest, a gripping survival horror game that offers not one, but three distinct endings—good, bad, and perfect. In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the intricacies of each conclusion, guiding you on how to navigate the storyline swiftly and unlock the diverse endings.

How to Leave the Island and Unravel the Endings

To achieve any specific ending, your initial steps mirror those of island escape enthusiasts. Locate scattered keycards across the island, detailed in our guide on "Where to Find Keycards in Sons of the Forest." Equip yourself adequately for the final stretch, emphasizing the importance of the Golden Armor and the Cross for optimal combat effectiveness.

For a step-by-step walkthrough on reaching the end, refer to our dedicated guide on "Completing Sons of the Forest." Once you feel prepared for the climax, head to the final bunker along the eastern coastline, just south of the abandoned village.

The Perfect Ending: A Journey into the Unknown

Navigate through the bunker until you encounter a golden door leading to a cavern filled with lava and formidable mutants. Deploy the Cross for superior combat advantage, overcoming adversaries on the way to the golden cube—a mysterious artifact hinted at throughout the game. Interact with the cube to trigger a cinematic showcasing a futuristic metropolis. Subsequently, reach the helicopter to depart from the island.

Unveil the mystery behind the cube's connection to the futuristic city, a secret yet to be fully disclosed by the developers. The cube's activation every eight cycles, mutating those in proximity, adds an enigmatic layer to the narrative.

The Bad Ending: Embracing the Island's Curse

For those inclined towards a darker conclusion, simply follow the markings, listen to the resolution in the final cave, and return to the beach without collecting the backpack. Embrace the island's curse, wandering its terrain with a trophy commemorating your decision.

The Good Ending: Escaping the Curse

Achieving the 'good' label involves actions mirroring the bad ending, with the crucial distinction of picking up the backpack on the beach and boarding the helicopter. If companions Kelvin and/or Virginia survive, they join the escape, leaving the cursed island behind.

The Secret Ending: A Bond with Virginia

To unlock the elusive secret ending, establish a deep bond with the mutant companion Virginia. Equip her with weapons, provide a GPS tracker, outfit her with a dress found in the Food and Dining bunker, build her a shelter with a bed, and rescue her from cannibal abduction. Ensure Kelvin survives these events. Finally, bring Virginia to the final cave, where the journey concludes, and head to the beach to board the helicopter with newfound allies.


Sons of the Forest offers a riveting narrative, with multiple endings that cater to diverse player preferences. This guide provides a roadmap for navigating the game's culmination, allowing you to choose your destiny on the mysterious island. As the plot unfolds, the connection between the enigmatic cube, the futuristic city, and the characters deepens, leaving room for speculation and anticipation of future revelations. Embark on your adventure, and may your choices shape the destiny that awaits in Sons of the Forest.

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