Unveiling the Secrets of the Sons of the Forest Map: A Comprehensive Exploration (2023)


As fervent explorers of the immersive Sons of the Forest universe, we embark on a detailed journey through the sprawling landscape of this highly anticipated game. Released in early access, Sons of the Forest promises a gaming experience that surpasses its predecessor, The Forest, with a significantly expanded and enriched map.

Sons of the Forest Map Size: Beyond Expectations

According to insightful findings by Guided, the Sons of the Forest map boasts an impressive size of 9.00 km², with dimensions measuring approximately 3,000 meters by 3,000 meters. Official confirmation from developers reveals that this map is four to five times larger than the first game, ensuring an expansive and immersive gameplay environment.

Unraveling the Full Sons of the Forest Map

Now that the game has been available for exploration, dedicated players have collaboratively pieced together the Sons of the Forest map. For those seeking an in-depth and interactive guide, Map Genie emerges as a valuable resource. This platform offers a comprehensive map with tips and tricks for locating items and weapons, enhancing the gaming experience for enthusiasts.

Is Sons of the Forest the Same Island?

While the exact location of the first game, The Forest, remains unspecified, Sons of the Forest unfolds in "Site 2," a revelation made by Endnight Games. Although the map may not precisely align with the drawn depiction from The Forest, the continuity in the narrative adds a layer of familiarity to the immersive gaming experience.

What Awaits You on the Sons of the Forest Map?

Northeast: A Billionaire's Legacy

Venturing into the northeast, players will discover a sprawling golf course crafted by a missing billionaire—a testament to the intriguing lore woven into Sons of the Forest. The challenge of exploration intensifies near a lake, where a bunker houses a 3D printer, offering the capability to print specialized equipment crucial for survival.

The Heart of the Map: A Snowy Mountain

At the map's core stands a majestic snowy mountain, presenting a formidable challenge for players. Navigating this terrain requires securing a climbing axe early on, underscoring the strategic planning necessary for a successful gaming experience.

Caves: Dark and Rewarding

Scattered throughout the map are numerous cave entrances, each offering a daring opportunity for exploration. Despite the inherent dangers of confined spaces and limited light sources, the potential rewards within, such as the coveted Wetsuit and Weapon Flashlight Attachment, make the risk worthwhile.

Sons of the Forest Locations Explored

Caves: A Familiar yet Perilous Domain

Caves, a primary location in The Forest, make a triumphant return in Sons of the Forest. These dark and confined spaces present a dual challenge of danger and reward, housing valuable loot, including the coveted Wetsuit and Weapon Flashlight Attachment.

Bunkers: Unveiling Secrets Underground

The map features several bunkers, serving as treasure troves for intrepid explorers. Housing a 3D printer capable of producing various items, including the Red Mask, bunkers offer a strategic progression in the game. Accessible through maintenance tunnels and caves, these underground marvels culminate in the game's Final Bunker.

Helicopter Crash Site: A Pivotal Moment

The location of the player's helicopter crash becomes a pivotal point in the Sons of the Forest narrative. Drawing parallels to the plane crash in The Forest, players can strategically choose crash sites for looting or even establishing a base, adding a dynamic layer to the gameplay.

Sons of the Forest Map: Final Revelations

While the Sons of the Forest map has been extensively explored, the allure of hidden easter eggs persists, inviting players to continue their quest for discovery. As the game evolves through early access, the possibility of additional map additions looms, promising continued excitement for players.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide aims to unravel the intricate details of the Sons of the Forest map, offering valuable insights for both novice and seasoned players. Whether navigating treacherous caves, unearthing secrets in bunkers, or strategically choosing crash sites, the Sons of the Forest map beckons adventurers to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with challenges and rewards.

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