For anyone wishing to get an idea of what the Frederick area might look like here are a few pictures to give you an idea.  N3RO took an aerial tour of Frederick in October 2006.  Below are some highlights of that helicopter tour:

Rick, N3RO prepares to enter the "chopper".  Since I had indicated that I wanted to take pictures all the doors had been removed for our flight.  Now that's excitment!

A view of the cockpit before takeoff.

Just leaving the airport this is looking West toward the hills that all the ham repeaters sit on. Immediately below is the Eastgate Plaza.  My office is just left of the center of the picture. Many of the buildings in the center belong to the company I work for.  My home QTH is off to the left side of the picture ( 6 miles ) bottom right side of the helicopter console.  Downtown Frederick lies to the upper right.  ( More downtown pics later. )

Less than a minute later we were flying over a large quarry operation just South of the airport. 

After flying over the Catoctin Ridge that the repeaters sit on we arrived at the Potomac River which was running high due to recent rains.  This is looking North toward Harpers Ferry, West VA from the Middletown Valley.

Heading back toward Frederick, this is a look North, along the Catoctin Ridge to where the local repeater systems are located some 10 miles or so up the ridge ( too distant to make out the towers ).

Reaching Frederick from the south, this is what is known as the "Golden Mile".  Rt.40 lined with malls and shopping centers.  The Catoctin Ridge extends off to the right where the ham repeaters are located.

Leaving the "Golden Mile" we passed over RT.15 looking to the North toward Fort Detrick ( center of picture ).

Here we are looking at downtown Frederick.  In the foreground is Baker Park with its band shell where summer concerts are often heard.  Frederick is famous for its "clustered spires" which can be seen to the right side. Frederick was prone to flooding in the past from the Carroll Creek which you can see near Baker Park.  This picture shows where the Carroll Creek project takes the water underground and under the city.  No flooding has occurred since the project was completed about 10 years ago.

After we flew past Baker Park, I got a better shot at a picture of the "clustered spires" of Frederick.  Our old courthouse is in the top right with the gold ornament on top of the bell tower.  The Episcopal church that my wife and I  attend is directly to the left of the courthouse ( black steeple ).

Below is a picture of the church on the lower right as seen from the ground:

Meanwhile, back in the helicopter . . . . . . . .

Frederick is home to a nationally famous women's college called Hood College.  The main part of the campus lies below.  ( college went co-ed a few years ago ).

We flew around the campus several times and below is a wider shot of the Hood College campus.

The author of our National Anthem ( The Star Spangled Banner ), Francis Scott Key, lived in Frederick and is also buried here in the Mount Olivet Cemetary.  His statue is pointing toward Baltimore and Fort McHenry where he wrote the song during the Battle of Baltimore on September 13 - 14, 1814.   This statue is a pleasant sight on my daily commute to my downtown office as I pass by only a few yards from where I took this picture.

We are now heading back to the Frederick airport for our landing.

Helicopters don't have to "line up" the runway!  We just came on in over the grass.

Thanks for "riding along" on our short tour of Frederick, Maryland.  I hope this little flight gives you a sense of the flavor of our little town.  Like every other town in America we are going through the conversion pains of growing from a small farm community to a large developed community of Washington area commuters.